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ShareInvestor launches revamped financial portal

Singapore, 23 July 2010 - ShareInvestor, the financial internet media and technology company and a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), today launched its revamped financial portal ( at a public briefing at Amara Singapore. More than 120 guests comprising brokers, analysts, fund managers, advertisers and members of the retail investment community were given a sneak preview of the new website.

First launched in 1999, was designed as a one-stop financial portal for retail investors to monitor and manage their portfolio of stock counters. It offered both fundamental and technical information, comprising stock prices, news headlines, markets information and forum boards.

Since its last revamp in 2005, retail investors have become increasingly more savvy and independent in managing their investment portfolio. Using the latest software applications and web technologies coupled with ShareInvestor’s in-house proprietary technology, the revamped now offers a single comprehensive interface that is user-centric as related content and information are grouped together in one viewing. Investors will find it easier and more efficient to navigate and access the relevant information to manage their portfolio.

Improved features of

Some of the enhanced features include:

Stock prices

The earlier version of the portal deployed “pull technology” where users manually refresh the screen to view the latest prices. The new incorporates streaming technology to deliver the latest stock updates to the user’s screen, across different web browsers without being restricted by the use of either Flash or Java plug-ins. Users can also categorise the stock prices under classifications by country and industry or do in-depth analysis based on historical movements or fundamental data such as PE ratio, ROA, ROE etc.

Portfolio Manager

One of’s most popular applications, the use of interactive web applications in its design has made it more user-friendly for investors to personalise their portfolio.

The transaction management feature now allows investors to track individual transactions and monitor price movements in one master spreadsheet, which is particularly useful when trading through multiple brokers.

Business news and market information are placed in one single channel from varied news sources such as ShareInvestor Express, an in-house news channel highlighting corporate media releases and research reports. The channel also offers latest news from news agencies including Dow Jones News; Business Times Breaking News; insider trades (e.g. share purchases by directors or company share buybacks); corporate events (quarterly or full-year results announcements, AGMs and EGMs) as well as forum discussion postings.

There are also analysis tools such as allocation charts to show the breakdown of investors’ portfolios in a pie chart format.

Fact sheet

The fact sheet section now offers a cleaner presentation of summarised information with the stock counter displayed in one page, covering fundamentals, events, inside trades and corporate announcements.

Investors can toggle between the types of analysis such as the historical charts of stock counters covering across different time periods (5 days to 5 years), as well as do performance comparison with STI, in various presentation styles such as line and bar charts. Investors can also do comparisons of companies based on past financial highlights and summary figures.

Enhanced search capabilities

The search bar at top of each page allows investors to easily locate stock counters by stock code, or search using the company's full or short name. The selected stock will be accompanied by other relevant content such as the latest news headlines and stock charts and display the available navigation tabs to access other key sections .

For a more detailed elaboration of the’s enhanced features, refer to Appendix 1.

Mr Lim Dau Hee, ShareInvestor’s Group IT Director and project leader behind the revamped portal, said: “The new has been redesigned with the retail investors in mind. They are getting younger, read widely on the subject and are more internet savvy. Leveraging on the latest technologies available, we are able to create new and advanced financial applications and platforms that meets the needs of new and seasoned investors, offering them timely, relevant and accurate information to help them with their investment decisions.”

Mr Christopher Lee, Chief Executive Officer of ShareInvestor, said: “As markets and national economies embark on the road to recovery, there will be increased trading activities which will generate interest and awareness among retail investors. With these improved and enhanced features, the revamped offers us a clear differentiated position to serve investors in Singapore and the region as we continue to build on our position as the region’s leading provider of data, analysis, news and charting tools for investors, listed companies and financial institutions.

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