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Commuters Take to Streats

Fast to read, good to keep

4 September 2000 - YOU’RE missing more than your morning rush if you have yet to pick up a copy of Streats, Singapore’s first free commuter newspaper that went on the streets yesterday.

Commuters explored the pages of Streats instead of day dreaming or catching 40 winks on board trains and buses. Some read Streats while waiting for their bus or train.

Some? Well not quite some -- more like 160,000 of them. Were you one of the 160,000?

For them commuting proved a buzz.

In its special pre-launch edition last Saturday, Streats promised its readers the four "F"s: That Steats will be free, fast, friendly and fun.

Streats has already delivered on the "free" bit.

Judging from readers’s reactions yesterday Streats seems well on the way to delivering on the other three "F"s as well.

Readers appreciated the fact that Streats respected their time -- or lack of it, first thing in the morning - and yet delivered on the essence of what’s important.

"I like the news stories," said Miss Jarene Chuang, 22, an NTU undergraduate. "They are short and to the point. So I have everything I need to know to start my day."

Streats’ emphasis on being reader-friendly -- its design, colour, pictures, headlines and language -- did not go unnoticed.

Even to those who were Mandarin-speaking.

"I read little English, but I can still understand the paper,’ said a 45-year-old hairstylist who wanted to be known only as Madam Chua, in Mandarin. She’d take the paper home if she doesn’t finish reading it during her one-hour ride on the MRT train.

Streats’ concept of giving readers "something for nothing" was a bonus.

"I’m tempted by the free Mercedes cab ride and the Streats watch," said Mr Kevin Chen, 32, a marketing manager. "I’ll play the games. Why not? I might win something."

For those who, for some reason, missed out on the Streats buzz yesterday, join in the fun. Look for the orange Buzz Stops at bus interchanges, outside MRT stations and selected shopping centres and pick up your free copy today.

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Treats for the streets

Miss Winnie Soh, 20, Ngee Ann Polytechnic student: "I like the idea of having a newspaper to read on my way to school. Streats is easy to read and it’s free too."

Mr Eng Teck Guan, 18, Yishun ITE student: "So far, so good. I’ll take Streats home to read."

Mr Ismail, 35, storekeeper: "It’s very interesting and useful for me in the morning before work."

Mr Eric Chong, 26, IT executive: "It looks attractive. I’ll read it on my way to work."

Miss Jean Woo, 30, clerk: "It’s very easy to read. I can also pass it to my colleagues later."

Madam Zabedah Mahmud, 38, operator: "I don’t have time to read now. But I’ll read it later at the office."

Mr C. Alagappasamy, 49, senior assistant curator at the zoo: "I’m impressed. It’s a very good read. I’ll take a copy tomorrow. What about having some animal stories?"

Mr A. S. Maniam, 52, SBS bus captain: "I have no time to read now, but I’ll keep it for coffee break later."