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STJobs and Paktor launched survey findings showing most people still desire to date despite work commitments

ingapore, 16 February 2016 – STJobs and Paktor ran a survey on work as a deterrent to dating, reaching out to 2,418 respondents aged 18 and over who are working in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. The survey findings revealed that factors such as long working hours, endless work demands and pressure from bosses have pushed dating and relationships to the bottom of the list.

Close to 65% of the respondents in Singapore and Malaysia indicated that they are spending too much time at work, and approximately 47% view work as a barrier to dating.

In comparison, respondents in Taiwan seemed to enjoy a more balanced social lifestyle. While 51% of the respondents reveal that they are spending too much time at work, only 40% attributed the lack of having a date to work commitments.

With more time spent at work, people in Singapore and Malaysia are also more receptive to dating their colleagues. 52% of each of the country group surveyed suggested that they are open to dating someone from the same company. Whereas in Taiwan, people seem to be more conservative and are not in favour of office romances. 57% of the respondents indicated that they will not date a fellow co-worker.

The survey also shows that earning power is not a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a dating partner. More than 84% of the respondents across all three countries will date an entrepreneur and over 74% of the respondents would not mind dating someone who either earns more or less than them.

Well aware of the needs to balance social life with work, respondents shared that planning for appointments ahead is the preferred way to balance work with social life, followed by forking out more time to go out after work. 30% of the respondents are also open to widen their social network through colleagues.

Download STJobs and Paktor survey findings

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