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96.3 HAO FM Notebook Now Launched!

Singapore, 10 May 2019 - 96.3 HAO FM’s exclusive notebook, <Taste the Good Times>will launch in conjunction with Singapore Book Fair 2019. Inspired by the classic “555” notebook, <Taste the Good Times> has illustration inserts of HAO FM DJs, sharing their memories of delicious local hawker fare. Each DJ shares a short story of his or her memories of a particular local dish, topping it up with a food stall recommendation. 

96.3 HAO FM specially engaged local illustrator Priscilla Wong, to add drawings that complement the DJs’ write-ups. Her style is simple yet vivid and adds a personal touch to each story. The adorable illustrations are vibrant and eye-catching and they act as different chapters of the book along with the quirky drawings that bear semblance to the DJs. 

96.3 HAO FM DJs Jie Qi and Guo Xian, who are in charge of this project, shared: “We love the simplicity of the design, which matches the style of the iconic notebook”. 

Introducing Winner of 96.3 HAO FM’s <The Search for Singapore’s Best Hawker Centre

The notebook comes with a functional calendar starting from July 2019 to December 2020. It also includes the illustrations of the campaign’s Top 15 hawker centres from the station’s recent <The Search for Singapore’s Best Hawker Centre> campaign, which received warm response from the public. Create and record your own memories using this food map!

Pre-order 96.3 HAO FM’s <Taste the Good Times> notebook at and receive the station’s limited edition wooden coaster set. A book introduction session with the DJs will be held at Capitol Piazza’s main stage on 2 June.  Stay tuned to 96.3 HAO FM for more details! The notebook will officially be sold on 31 May at the Singapore Book Fair for only $7!

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