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New Multi-Sensory Room for Dementia Residents at Orange Valley Balestier Care Centre

Singapore, 25 July 2019 - Residents and day care clients with dementia can now undergo therapy at a new multi-sensory room at Orange Valley Balestier Care Centre that will help promote better quality of life through cognitive and sensory stimulation. The multi-sensory room, specially designed for dementia care, will provide gentle stimulation of the senses -sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and movement in a controlled environment to suit the therapeutic needs of persons with dementia.

Multi-sensory room features

One of the key features in the room is the Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair by Ascension Group that combines music, tactile stimulation and rocking motion to offer users a calming multi-sensory experience. Research studies of rocking chairs have shown benefits in the form of a measurable increase in the well-being of people suffering from dementia with reduced levels of anxiety and depression. Mr Lee Fatt Leong, Managing Partner of Ascension International Pte Ltd, said: “The rocking motion of the chair and cuddling sensory touch offer an effective calming effect and a sense of security. The Wellness Nordic Chair combines nature's healing music composed by a Danish Composer commissioned by Alzheimer's Disease of Denmark, while the precision rocking cum vibrating motions are designed by Japanese engineers to calm people with anxiety, depression and irritability.“ 
Other features in the room include aromatherapy and fibre-optic lighting that create a soothing and visually stimulating environment. There is also an activity wall panel for residents to touch and feel different fabric textures such as cotton, denim, felt and nylon. The multi-sensory room is used to stimulate, relax, or energise, as a multi-sensory experience or single sensory focus, by adapting the lighting, atmosphere, sounds, and textures to the needs of the residents at the time of use. Ms Cassandra Lim, Vice President of Rehabilitation at Orange Valley Nursing Homes, said: “Through these sensory inputs, we can gradually enhance our residents' senses and allow them to cope better with stimulation in the environment. This form of rehabilitation and environment therapy can help decrease behavioural symptoms and promote improved self-dependency with increased concentration and attention span.”

 This multi-sensory room is used for the dementia-centric therapy for Orange Valley’s day care clients as well as for residents at Balestier Care Centre. 

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Photo 1 -The new Multi-Sensory Room at Orange Valley Balestier Care Centre adapts lighting, smell, sound, touch and movement to the needs of the client to relax, stimulate or energise, as a multi-sensory experience or single sensory focus.

Photo 2- Orange Valley Balestier Care Centre therapist introducing colour changing fiber optic strands to a resident to stimulate her vision and touch.

Photo 3 - The activity wall consisting of different colours and textures encourages clients to interact with the environment.
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