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SPH launches month-long campaign for readers to ‘Zap it!’ and win mobile phones!

Singapore, 16 February 2007 - Readers of four of Singapore Press Holdings Limited´s (SPH) newspapers – The Straits Times, The New Paper, Lianhe Zaobao and My Paper – have seen a myriad of teaser advertisements over the last three days, asking them to “Zap it!” using their mobile phones. These teaser advertisements are part of a campaign designed to create awareness of the revolutionary mobile technology ZapCode. In addition, for three weeks starting from 17 February 2007, readers of these newspapers stand a chance to win 10 mobile phones each week if they “Zap it!”.

The campaign, developed by SPH NewMedia Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of SPH, will have a series of print advertisements containing simple instructions on how to download and use the application, so as to allow readers to start “zapping” immediately. As awareness increases and more phones are ZapCode enabled, the promotional campaign will extend to other media to ensure that ZapCode is as widely known as the popular SMS.

Youths and young executives are expected to be among the first to adopt ZapCode, but this technology is definitely for everyone as it´s so simple to use. With an ever-increasing number of people in Singapore owning mobile phones with in-built cameras, ZapCode can be used by anyone with a compliant model. Almost every major mobile phone manufacturer in the market has ZapCode-compliant models. Major brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, Dopod, HP and BenQ-Siemens already have many current models that can download ZapCode. More than fifty percent of mobile phones in the market are compliant.

The promotional campaign will also lay the groundwork for advertisers who want to use ZapCode to augment their marketing efforts as it allows messages to reach out to anyone with a compliant phone and in real time. It also enables advertisers to transmit more information beyond the physical constraints of an advertisement and any new updates. The codes can also link consumers to an advertiser’s website where they can get more information and special offers.

Says Mr William Tan, General Manager, SPH NewMedia: "ZapCode will revolutionise the way marketers communicate and interact with their audiences. Whenever a consumer sees a ZapCode, he knows that something exciting awaits him behind the code. By zapping a code with a compliant mobile phone, users can access text, music, videos and all kinds of information, which can be downloaded and saved on their mobile phones with relative ease."

“ZapCode also allows advertisers to communicate with their consumers in a fun and novel way,” he adds.

What is ZapCode

ZapCode is essentially a colourful, high-tech advance over the familiar black and white barcode. Users need only to point the camera on their mobile phones at a ZapCode icon and click. The free award-winning software then reads and deciphers the ZapCode and triggers the sending of data back to the device.

The ZapCode icons can be zapped from more than five metres away and at low resolution. The technology opens up a wealth of marketing opportunities for advertisers as ZapCode is flexible in its usage and can be placed on newspaper advertisements, name cards, t-shirts, signboards, posters, billboards, vehicles, lampposts, bus panels, other creative outdoor media and even as a tattoo on the skin!

SPH, through its subsidiary, SPH NewMedia, signed an agreement on 26 January 2007 with ColorZip SEA Pte Ltd (CZSEA), the company which holds the rights to this patented technology, to become its master distributor and licensee in Singapore.

CZSEA will provide free download of the deciphering software to users´ phones, via SMS, WAP or the Internet. They will also work with SPH NewMedia, telecommunication companies and mobile phone manufacturers to ensure that new models will come with the software pre-installed.

For technical enquiries, please call the toll-free ZapCode Hotline 1800-3544-868 (9 am to 6 pm daily) or visit

Issued by Singapore Press Holdings Ltd
Co. Regn. No. 198402868E

For more information, please contact:

William Tan
General Manager
SPH NewMedia Pte Ltd
DID: 6319 1628

Adrian Cheong
Assistant Manager
Corporate Communications Division
Singapore Press Holdings Ltd
DID: 6319 2261

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