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WWW.HARDWAREZONE.COM® Proves To Be The Benchmark For Technology’s Early Adopters

Singapore, 30 July 2007 -®, an online portal set up by Hardware Zone Pte Ltd ("Hardware Zone"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SPH Magazines Pte Ltd, gets the vote for being the benchmark for technological reviews.

An in-house survey was conducted by® to determine readership demographic and to evaluate the intensity of usage with regards to technological reviews. The survey will help to determine the extent of which these reviews influence their purchasing decisions of technological products.

The Survey

Conducted between January and March of 2007, the survey was done with 5,000 readers from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. 30 questions ranging from content suitability, news timeliness, and quality of community services to pre-purchase decisions, post-purchase decisions and the effectiveness of® as a content platform, were carefully and constructively posed to all who were surveyed. Hence every aspect determining the purchasing decisions was properly covered.

Lim Chuan Jer, General Manager of Hardware Zone said, "This is the first time such an extensive survey has been conducted on a regional scale. The objective is to allow us to have a better understanding of our readers and their needs. Gone are the days where media owners are kings. Today, with user-generated-content and citizen journalism in abundance, media owners need to be very eagle-eyed about their content and services offerings.

"More importantly, in our context, we need to maintain the value link between readers and brand owners. We need to empower readers with relevant information for their purchase decisions. We need to ensure our wide variety of content and services stays relevant to the readers´ needs. Similarly, only when we have a good understanding of our readers, can we give valuable feedback to brand owners. Only with that, are we truly connecting IT to you." added Dr Jackie Lee, CEO of Hardware Zone.


Many findings are drawn from this survey. Here are some of the findings highlighted:

Early Adopters surf®

The survey, showed that about 87% of the readers of® are technology early adopters. They have been consulted by friends or family with regards to the purchasing of technological gadgets or accessories. Their opinions are highly regarded by their peers as they are seen as well-versed and savvy with technology. What influences the views of these technology early adopters will magnify across the market.® influences purchase decisions

The survey shows that the reviews produced by® do influence purchase decisions of her readers. If a product was given a good rating or issued an award by®, consumer confidence for that particular product will be high, and that could eventually translate to actual purchases being made. Readers also turn to fellow members within® forums for both purchase and technical advice. They identify the fact that they can tap into the vast technical knowledge and experience of forum members for reliable opinions.
The survey also shows that 74% of the respondents are influenced by® reviews in their purchase decisions while 83% indicated that a good® rating or award will increase their confidence in the product. 60% were influenced by® First Looks for their decision making. Finally, over 85% of them seek further opinions from® online forum groups.

Online Information Preferred

Another interesting finding is that a large percentage of respondents regularly use the internet to get IT advice, be it in the form of reviews or online forums. With the growing availability of the Internet, consumers have all the resources they need to make more informed decisions.

Consumer Spending Behaviour Revealed

It was also found that more than 44% of the participants had a purchase cycle of 3 to 6 months. This shows that the spending power of this group is high as their consumer spending behaviour is renewed every 3 to 6 months.

Survey Conclusions

With such a high percentage of® readers being technology early adopters and consumers with high spending power, this market group is one not to be regarded lightly. Considering their high influence in the purchasing decisions of their peers, their favourable purchase cycle and together with the fact of them being readers of® at the same time, this shows that® commands an audience that can create the right market buzz for new products in the consumer retail space.® has shown that it is an ideal platform for exposing new products to this influential crowd.

For more information and a complete breakdown of the survey report, please visit

What the Industry Says About®

The findings of the survey are strong testaments to the strings of awards and accreditations enjoyed by® over the years. Among those were Marketing-Interactive.Com, Digital Life, and Nielsen/NetRatings Market Intelligence.

June 28th, 2007, Marketing-Interactive.Com

Key findings:

-® enjoyed a slightly stronger local than foreign fan base, garnering 62 votes from respondents from companies of local origin against 54 votes from respondents from companies of foreign origin, with 37.56% of the former respondents ranking® in the top three places
- Client-side CEOs gave more votes to® than
- More than twice the number of those with regional responsibilities cast in their votes for® than those with local responsibilities
-® attained a comfortable 1st ranking from the majority of respondents all around
-® was more popular with agencies than clients, hauling in more votes from agencies than
- By industry group,® was most popular with advertising agency creative and media buying professionals
-® held strong across all job functions in the agency-side

More information can be found at

June 13th, 2007, Digital Life

Key findings:
-® has shown that it is the leader of the pack online, winning three awards from Hitwise for the period of January to March of 2007: Internet - Hardware, News and Media - IT, Computer and Internet - Net Communities & Chat
- The site has grown in popularity with the number of visits increasing to 4.73 million between January and March of 2007, registering more than 25% increase from the same time period last year

More information can be found at

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Media Director
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