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SPH redeploys four senior editors

Singapore, August 29, 2002 - Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH) today announced four editorial appointments at its English and Malay Newspapers Division (EMND).

Cheong Yip Seng, Editor-in-Chief of EMND, said they "will strengthen the capability of the division to deliver well-informed newspapers sensitive to serving their readers better."

"Regular redeployment of journalistic talent is needed to get the most from our staff. These changes will redistribute responsibilities among senior staff, and better align our resources to the goals of our various newspapers, television news and on-line services," he said in a statement to staff.

The new appointments, effective from Sept 2nd, are:

Leslie Fong, Editor of The Straits Times, will become Editor at Large. His new responsibility is to strengthen the ST team covering Asia, especially Greater China, as well as undertake special assignments from time to time.

The SPH has deployed significant resources over the years to build up its coverage of the region. "The rise of China is a powerful story that demands closer examination," the statement said.

Patrick Daniel, Editor of The Business Times, will be appointed Managing Editor of EMND.

He will be responsible for raising the quality of various newspapers and newsrooms in the EMND. His main focus will be on The Straits Times, the SPH flagship English paper, with a daily circulation of 400,000. He will also continue to supervise The Business Times.

Han Fook Kwang, The Straits Times’ Political Editor for the past seven years, will be the editor of the paper.

His brief is to help The Straits Times become one of the world’s best sources of news about Singapore, the region and Asia.

Alvin Tay, Deputy Editor of The Business Times, will take over as editor of the paper, which has a daily circulation of over 30,000.

The publications under the EMND are The Straits Times, The Business Times, The New Paper and Berita Harian, employing some 520 journalists and 130 non-editorial staff.


Biodata of the four editors

Leslie Fong, 53, joined The Straits Times Press (M) Bhd in 1969 and rose to become the news editor in 1975, associate editor in 1982 and has been the editor since 1987. He was also political editor of The Straits Times from 1986 to 1990.

Patrick Daniel, 48, left the Singapore administrative service in 1986 to join The Straits Times Press (1975) Ltd as a senior leader/feature writer. He was The Straits Times’ economics editor in 1989 and its managing editor in 1990. He took over the editorship of The Business Times in 1992.

Han Fook Kwang, 49, was also from the Singapore administrative service. He started his career in The Straits Times as a senior leader/feature writer in 1989. He was promoted to associate political editor in 1992 and became the political editor in 1995.

Alvin Tay, 47, joined The Business Times in 1980 and has been the deputy editor of the newspaper since 1999. He was the money editor of The Straits Times from 1996 to 1998.

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