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STREATS surges ahead with readership

SINGAPORE, MARCH 3rd - The readership of Streats has hit a new high, surging to 554,000 in less than four months after its November revamp.

More significantly, the profile of Streats’ readers has improved markedly, with now more than twice as many professionals, executives and businessmen.

This is evident from the latest readership survey conducted by the research unit of the Marketing Planning and Development Department (MPD) of Singapore Press Holdings, which publishes the free tabloid.

According to the survey which tracked 1,029 persons aged above 15 years and above in February 2003, Streats’ readership rose to 554,000 - from 369,000 in the previous survey done by MPD in August/September 2002.

This is a quantum leap from the 324,000 readership figure given in market research firm AC Nielsen’s annual media index for 2002 which is based on a random sample of 4,500 persons aged 15 years and above, surveyed between July 2001 and June 2002. The readership then for its direct competitor, MediaCorp’s Today, was 501,000.

With its stronger focus now on business coverage and people making the news, the new-look Streats has gone down well with:
- professionals, managers and executives (up from 27% to 38%)
- households with monthly income above $8,000 (almost double from 13% to 20%)
- those earning over $5,000 monthly (three times more from 3% to 9%)
- people living in private homes (up from 10% to 35%)
- those with tertiary education (from 38% to 44%)

SPH’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, Mr Tham Khai Wor, said the higher readership, especially the increase in business people, managers and professionals, amply demonstrates that Streats is making an impact.

"Streats readers now get their daily dose of the winning formula: To Win. The advertisers, in turn, can reach more condo and landed home dwellers who are into high-end watches, wines, travel to exotic places? that is, with the propensity to spend", said Mr Tham.

With the revamp, the paper’s print run was increased from 220,000 to 280,000 copies a day and its distribution system is now more comprehensive. Some 160,000 copies of Streats are currently distributed to landed homes and condominiums, offices in the CBD, business and technology parks, key public places, selected country clubs and airlines. Previously, Streats, which was launched in September 2000, was available mainly at MRT stations and bus interchanges.

To beef up its coverage of business and financial news, veteran journalists from other SPH papers were roped in and specialist writers also contribute original commentaries and analyses regularly.

Streats’ acting editor Paul Jansen, 49, former money editor of The Straits Times, said: "Our readers and advertisers have been overwhelmingly in favour of the changes we’ve made to Streats since November.

"Those now receiving copies on their doorstep are just some of the people who’ve told us we’re a must read daily because of the quality of our coverage. And businessmen are excited about the quality of our readership."

He added: "Last Friday, I was invited to an annual conference of ERA property agents. While I was there, agent after agent came up to talk publicly about how they succeeded in getting immediate responses to their advertisements in Streats. They said their properties were snapped up within a day or two of being advertised in the ERA My Home special in our paper."

"It’s all about choices. The readers who pick up our paper each morning, the advertisers who plan their strategies with Streats’ reach in mind, all are telling us one thing - they choose us, they find value in our paper."

  Before Revamp After
Readership(’000) 324 554
Demographic Attribute (%)    
Professionals, Managers, Executives 27 38
White-collar workers 53 59
Living in private homes 10 35
Tertiary education 38 44
Monthly personal income above $5,000 3 9
Monthly household income above $8,000 13 20

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