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SPH names new team to run SPH MediaWorks

April 5, 2003 - Singapore Press Holdings today named the senior executives who will assist Mr Wee Leong How, the newly-appointed Executive Director of SPH MediaWorks, in managing the broadcasting station.

They are:

  • Mr Man Shu Sum, Chief Operating Officer, Operations Group, SPH MediaWorks, who will continue in his current role.
  • Ms Nalini Naidu, SPH´s Senior Vice President of Display Advertisements, who will be the Chief Operating Officer, Media Business Group, SPH MediaWorks.
  • Mr Lawrence Loh, SPH´s Senior Vice President, Marketing Planning and Development, will take over Ms Naidu´s job in SPH, in addition to his current responsibilities.
  • Mr James Ang, Senior Vice President, Finance, SPH MediaWorks, who will head the Finance division.
  • Mr Kelvin Ma, Senior Vice President, Engineering, SPH MediaWorks, who will continue in his current role.
  • Mr Joseph Tan, Vice President of SPH´s Information Technology, who will manage the SPH MediaWorks’ IT unit, in addition to his current responsibilities in SPH.
    The new appointments will be effective from Monday, April 7, 2003.

SPH Chief Executive Officer Alan Chan said: "I have every confidence that this team, with its vast experience, will provide the continuity of services to our viewers and business partners. They will have the full support of every division in SPH to achieve maximum synergy.

"SPH MediaWorks remains an important component of SPH´s business and we are fully committed to help it grow."

Mr Wee Leong How, SPH MediaWorks’ Executive Director, added: "Despite the recent changes in the Company, we have moved quickly to put in place a strong management team. Together with other colleagues in SPH MediaWorks, this team will deliver value to our customers and business partners."

SPH MediaWorks’ COO Man Shu Sum said: "We have lined up a slew of new and exciting programmes to provide even more entertainment value to our loyal viewers."

Here are the CVs of the new team:

Mr Man Shu Sum, 50, has more than 22 years of TV broadcasting experience, especially in production and programming. He joined SPH MediaWorks in August 2000 to head the Chinese Media and Entertainment Group. Following a restructuring exercise in November 2001, he was moved to head the consolidated operations of Channel U and i. His uncanny knack of spotting talents and charisma has made him a dynamo in the broadcast landscape from Hongkong to Singapore. The extraordinary relevance of his production masterpieces has influenced audiences everywhere.

Ms Nalini Naidu, in her 40s, began her career in SPH as a sales manager for Shin Min Daily News in 1988. She is effectively trilingual in English, Chinese and Malay and brings with her extensive and invaluable experience in sales and advertising. She was the Senior Vice President heading the Group´s Display Advertisements before her move to SPH MediaWorks.

Mr Kelvin Ma, 40, joined SPH MediaWorks in August 2000. An engineer by training, Mr Ma obtained his Master of Business Administration from the University of Bradford in Britain in 1992. He has extensive experience in TV engineering spanning 19 years. Always the pioneer, he helped set up the first pay TV service in Hongkong and has since blazed a trail in the digitization of production and broadcasting for TV facilities.

Mr James Ang, 48, joined SPH MediaWorks right from the start when it was formed in June 2000. He obtained his Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons) degree from the National University of Singapore in 1978 and has held finance positions in various companies, including Overseas Union Bank and Fuji Xerox Singapore.

Mr Joseph Tan, 40, joined the Singapore Newspaper Services Pte Ltd in 1987 and has vast expertise in information technology. He rose quickly through the ranks in the SPH Group, from a manager in 1996 to senior manager in 1999, assistant vice president in 2001 and was promoted last year to Vice President of Application Development, SPH´s Information Technology.

Mr Lawrence Loh, 54, who will take over Ms Naidu´s job, joined Times Publishing Berhad in 1976. During his 27-year career with SPH, he has headed various sections in the Marketing division, including Display Advertisements and Marketing Services. Mr Loh will concurrently head SPH´s Marketing Planning and Development, which provides research services.

Issued by Singapore Press Holdings Limited.

For more information, please contact:

Irene Ngoo
Assistant Vice President
Corporate Relations
Tel: 6319 1216

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