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SPH Mediaworks Ltd partners the Investment Management Association of Singapore to produce two investment programme series

Thursday, Aug 7 2003 - SPH MediaWorks Ltd (MW) together with the Investment Management Association of Singapore (IMAS) today jointly announced their partnership to produce two investment programme series to be aired exclusively on Channels U and Channel i.

According to Mr Daniel Chan, Chairman, IMAS, this partnership is inline with the Association’s objective to improve public investor education and awareness and knowledge of the investment and fund management industry. "We hope to highlight key issues which will enable investors to make better informed investment decisions, having realistic expectations of returns and a better understanding of risks. Hopefully they will also gain a better understanding of the role of the fund manager and that of the distributor/financial advisor".

He added, "We are extremely pleased that SPH MediaWorks shares this vision and we are confident that together we will produce a high quality, informative, yet entertaining and easy-to-digest programme".
Aimed at educating the public on investment matters and fund management, the two programme series will each take on a different approach to reach out to their target viewers.

’The Money Tree’ (working title), the English version of the investment series will be produced by the Straits Times TV (ST TV) with a current affairs approach. It aims to reach out to first-time investors and to raise the level of sophistication amongst the investing public. Presenting the 8 half hour episodes will be Channel i News Anchor Michelle Quah. ’The Money Tree’ will be aired on Channel i every Thursday at 7:30pm, from September 18 till November 6, 2003.

’Smart Investment’ (working title), the Mandarin version will be produced by Big iDEA Network Pte Ltd. This docu/drama will be feature Evelyn Tan and Guo Liang as the two main programme hosts. Targeted at the heartlanders, the 8 half hour episodes on Channel U will be aired every Sunday at 10:30pm, from October 5 till November 23, 2003.

Stressing on the importance of relevant programming, Mr Wee Leong How, Executive Director, SPH MediaWorks said: "This is a breakthrough point for both parties. Nothing could demonstrate more clearly our determination to provide our viewers with more programmes that are directly relevant to their lives. Our aim now, building on past successes, is to develop new programming across various genres that can enhance the value which we bring to our viewers."
In line with this aim to produce more customized programmes, MW has been actively developing new programming in various genres with the likes of the Makings of An Entrepreneur, OK No Problem and the soon to debut Food Train.

Please refer to the attached factsheet for corporate information on:
Investment Management Association of Singapore

Issued by SPH MediaWorks Ltd

For more information, kindly contact:

Mr Andrew Kwek
Executive Director
Investment Management Association of Singapore
DID: 6230 9717

Ms Oei Su-Lynn
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
SPH MediaWorks Ltd
DID: 6319 7782