Shin Min Daily News

Shin Min Daily News was started on March 18, 1967. This light-hearted evening newspaper provides the latest on a wide range of local and international topics.

The newspaper was recently revamped with new content and design elements to make it a more refreshing read. Stronger coverage and a more attractive layout were introduced in two of its popular sections, sports and entertainment, to attract more readers.


Daily Average Newspaper Circulation (August 2018):
Shin Min Daily News (Print + Digital): 148,600

With effect from 1 March 2016, all subscriptions to our All-in-One packages are counted as the sale of one print copy and one digital copy. Prior to 1 March 2016, such subscriptions were counted as the sale of one print copy and three digital copies in line with Audit Bureau of Circulation's (ABC) rules. With the implementation of new cover prices of our newspapers and All-in-One packages on 1 March 2016, we have had to change the basis of our circulation count and have obtained ABC's endorsement for the new method.