The Straits Times / The Sunday Times

The Straits Times, the English flagship daily of SPH, has been serving readers for more than a century. Launched on July 15, 1845, its comprehensive coverage of world news, East Asian news, Southeast Asian news, home news, sports news, financial news and lifestyle updates makes The Straits Times the most-read newspaper in Singapore. Quality news, in-depth analyses, impactful commentaries and breaking stories are packaged to give readers riveting accounts of events in Singapore, the region, and beyond.

The Straits Times' key strength is in its world class coverage of news outside Singapore. With 20 bureaus in major cities around the world, The Straits Times correspondents bring world news to readers on a Singapore platter, helping them appreciate world events from a Singaporean perspective.

In keeping with the times and to better serve different reader interests, The Straits Times carries weekly sections - Education on Monday, Mind & Body (Tuesday), Digital (Wednesday), Community (Thursday) and Science on Friday - as well as publishes two weekly student magazines IN and Little Red Dot to cater to young readers in schools.

The Straits Times also has an online presence at www.straitstimes.com. The site features top stories, blogs and online forum threads. Its integrated newsroom operates round-the-clock, providing readers with news as it happens on all platforms, from its website at www.straitstimes.com, Apple and Android apps to social media.

The Straits Times is a member of two media networks - the Asia News Network and the Impact Journalism Day alliance of newspapers - and it has won multiple international media awards, including from the Society of Publishers in Asia, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers' Association (Panpa), Society of News Design and Wan-Ifra. Its redesigned product across all platforms in July 2015 won ST 11 Asian Digital Media awards, including best website and best online video, that year.

The Sunday Times is the Sunday edition of The Straits Times and was launched on December 20, 1931. Like The Straits Times, it is packed with the latest news and features.

To add zest to the Sunday reading experience, its stories are presented in a lively format with generous use of colour and other visual elements. The paper produces in-depth reviews of the events and issues of the past week, as well as insightful commentaries by brand-name writers.


Daily Average Newspaper Circulation (August 2020):
The Straits Times / The Sunday Times (Print + Digital): 458,200