Thumbs Up / Thumbs Up Junior / Thumbs Up Little Junior

Thumbs Up was started in 15 Jan 2000, targeted at students between Pri 3-6.

The tabloid-sized Chinese newspaper presents news to students in a perspective that their young mind can understand, so as to improve their general knowledge and Chinese language ability.

Thumbs up adopts a fun and interactive editorial approach, with the use of colourful pictures and illustrations to appeal to its young readers.

Thumbs Up organises several activities throughout the year to engage young readers, one of which is the Young Reporters Camp for students from subscribing schools, offering hands-on training for them to report on school-related news and personalities.


Launched by Lianhe Zaobao in 2011, Thumbs Up Junior is a bi-weekly student publication targeted at Primary 1 and 2 students, providing them with interesting news and lively stories to read and learn.

Thumbs Up Junior is in line with the Ministry of Education's efforts to enhance the use of Mother Tongue Languages through the Active Learners, Proficient Users (乐学善用) approach. Aside from strengthening skills in news listening and reading, Thumbs Up Junior also provides a rich source of verbal, reading and language practice material closely related to students' daily lives. It makes learning the Chinese language a fun and lively experience.

The publication collaborates with Singapore Centre for Chinese Language Learning to engage outstanding Chinese teachers in coming up with interesting language activities for our student readers based on school curriculum.


Lianhe Zaobao launched a new student newspaper called Thumbs Up Little Junior for pre-school children in August 2013.

The new publication encourages children to pick up reading habits at a young age. It also provides pre-school children with a Chinese publication which is set in a local context and relevant to their daily lives.

Sponsored by the Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism, Thumbs Up Little Junior is distributed free to over 30,000 K1 and K2 children from pre-school operators under the Anchor Operator Scheme and pre-schools run by Voluntary Welfare Organisations for one year.

The 12-page full-colour newspaper is published bi-weekly and is open for home and school subscriptions.

In order to meet the needs of pre-school learning, the student newspaper has invited experienced pre-school educators to incorporate activities, situational learning, nursery rhymes, educational games and crafts to engage young readers. In addition, stories and comics which are illustrated by Singapore artists make reading more fun.


Daily Average Newspaper Circulation (August 2020):
Thumbs Up (Print + Digital): 31,300
Thumbs Up Junior (Print + Digital): 18,200
Thumbs Up Little Junior (Print): 39,300