The new student paper zbCOMMA was launched in Jan 7,2009. Previously known as Friday Weekly, it is a Chinese paper targeted at secondary school students aged between 12 to 17.

zbCOMMA is an independent A4-sized news-magazine that is distributed to schools on alternate Wednesdays. The name zbCOMMA reflects the publication’s vision of nurturing the news reading habit amongst youths so that they can eventually transition to Lianhe Zaobao readers when they become older.

Besides adopting a bright and youthful look that appeal to students, zbCOMMA includes features on social issues and youth topics, news personalities, sports scenes and juvenile court cases that provide an enriching reading experience for students.

Youth favourites like online videos, apps, trendy stuff, leisure activities and entertainment news are also featured to enhance reading interests.

To keep up with the needs of young readers, ZBSchools.sg was launched in January 2018. This subscription-based digital platform houses all the articles published in zbCOMMA, Thumbs Up and Thumbs Up Junior, offering readers better accessibility and more timely content as the website is updated regularly. This platform also caters to the needs of teachers as they can use the news content available as digital teaching resources.

Since its launch, zbCOMMA has been popular among students and some teachers have been actively using it as teaching material during Chinese lessons.


Daily Average Newspaper Circulation (August 2020):
zbCOMMA (Print + Digital): 104,900